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Male Revues, Drag Shows, And Variety Acts In The Post-covid Age

These are strange times indeed, especially for the exotic arts and drag show industry. Everything has changed, including the way we interact with one another, sometimes it feels like things will never go back to being the same.

Covid was a game-changer for many industries and caused a paradigm shift in how businesses needed to adapt. The bachelorette entertainment business needed to reinvent itself, and did so at a remarkable pace. Whether it’s a drag show, male revue, variety, or burlesque act, producers have had to make the tough decisions to get through this difficult time. They had to figure out ways to pay performers, maintain social distance in their space, save their staff, and keep customers entertained while prioritizing safety.

Trying to keep a profit margin has proved to be a monumental challenge. Being limited to the number of customers that can be served and adhering to social distance policies, have caused revenues to fade quickly.  Fortunately for many entertainers, the entertainment industry is their secondary source of income, and because they love to perform, the mantra that “the show must go on” is a source of inspiration. After all, where there’s a will there’s a way!

Industry people have had to readjust and lower their expectations, but at the same time put in the time, effort, and expertise to produce quality shows. They have shown great perseverance in accommodating their performance to cater to today’s environment. They wear face shields and masks that accentuate their outfits and have created distance between the stage and the audience. These are just some of the things that have been thought of to keep everyone happy, safe, and entertained

The male revue is an intimate connection, performances include lap dances, via close and personal attention. This has always been the centerpiece of the show. Now, rubber gloves and facemasks are required to join an entertainer on stage. Fortunately, our customers have been going with the flow and treat it is a fun reminder of the world we currently live in. Interaction with the performer is now safe, and the protections put in place adds a little comic relief to the overall experience.

Let’s face it, over the past twelve months of the lockdown, many relationships were put on hold from progressing to the next level. Couples had to postpone their weddings due the inability of friends being able to travel and attend, and banquet halls being either completely closed or with such a limited capacity, their dream date was not feasible. Early predictions say the Summer of 2021 looks like it’s going to be very busy in the wedding business.

Indications foresee that bachelorettes will be back out on the prowl, looking to have that one last final fling. The rite of passage includes a great night out with great friends filled with debauchery and decadence.

Drag shows have been a mainstay in the Chicago entertainment scene for years. Legendary clubs like The Baton Show Lounge, as well as new independent spaces such as the newly opened Lips Drag Queen Show Palace, will assure that bachelorette parties will have many options in 2021. After speaking with some of Chicago’s most popular performers, they have shared that everything has been taken into account to make sure their show is not only entertaining but safe. For some artists, the entertainment industry is their only source of income, and it’s been a very difficult year. Most cannot wait to get back on that stage.

There are many options for people heading out to celebrate bachelorette parties. Shows and musical events are now starting to pop up throughout the city. Most bachelorettes will seek out established male revues like the Sugar Shack’s Chippendale experience, Bad Boys Live, Hunkamania, and Sinzation. These are known to be some of Chicago’s top shows. The owners of Bad Boys Live are rebuilding their stage to utilize space for audience comfort, put on more of a stage show, keep socially distant, and still provide that sizzle for spectators.

In conclusion, when making plans, weigh out your options, and feel confident knowing that it’s safe to come out and enjoy yourself at one of these events. Make sure you bring your rubber gloves if you want to get up on stage, and don’t forget to mask up!

As Justin Styles of the Bad Boys Live revue recently posted, “We’re going to rewrite the famously featured male dance anthem you can leave your hat on, to you can leave your mask on,” not a bad exchange in my opinion.

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