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Music, rhythm, dance, and sensuality are only a few words that can properly define a man we call the bodacious one! Bo knows how to please the ladies. This dancing man works his body so perfectly you’ll think he was a pleasure machine! This powerful man also knows how to rub you the right way from the skills he’s acquired at his day job as a massage therapist; so after a night of nonstop dancing you know you’ll get pampered from the skilled hands of Mr. Bo Jackson.


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Apollo is no ordinary guy. Some may call him a Renaissance man whether serving his country or serving it up for some lucky women. This is a guy that always gives 110% to please the ladies, but don’t think everything about Apollo is serious, because this Mediterranean heartthrob has the best sense of humor in the group. So if you were ever looking for a Greek God that could also make you laugh, look no further than Apollo.


Ladies are you ready to ride our cowboy? Well then it’s time to saddle up with Justin Styles. Justin’s been schooled in the fine art of all things Wrangler. This urban cowboy knows how to lasso his prey, tie them up, build a warm fire and then put his special brand of lovin’ right where it counts. If you think you could ride this stallion and not get bucked off you’re a special kind of Philly. So if you love the romance of the Wild West and like your men rugged and strong then Justin styles is your kind of cowboy.