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Girls Just Want To Have Fun, A Review Of Male Revues

Girls just want to have fun so they say and when you’re celebrating a birthday, Bachelorette or divorce party, you just may want to take a walk on the wild side. Some girls play it a bit conservative and chose to hang out somewhere safe like a friend’s house, they may get tipsy or play some fun adult themed games or possibly even hire a male dancer to come to the house for an hour and put on a little show.

But ladies, you only get married once or twice so when you’re ready for something naughty and risqué and you’re ready to go all out, ‘a hot male revue can be just the thing that takes your special occasion to the next level!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely different levels of The Magic Mike experience and not all Hunks are created equal. And believe me, not all shows will make you feel like you woke up in Vegas! With that being said I hope this helps you choose the right show.

I’m going to rate the top 5 shows in the United States and if you are ready to go all out for the ultimate ladies night there’s usually a show near you. But remember the plane ride to Vegas is always an option. So take your time reading this because we want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth when get your groove on.

The men of Chippendale‘s Las Vegas

Yes, ladies, one of the originals of the bump and grind is still the best show in the world. This show has been going strong for over 30 years and they know how to keep it sexy but classy. Chippendale‘s has always Understood you need the men to be Big strong sexy and most of all he has to be a heartthrob. From the early days when their opening song was welcome to my fantasy, this man brand always appealed to the mind as well as the body of its mostly female bachelorette patrons!

And although it has the history of murder thievery and betrayal from its first owner Steve Banerjee they have managed to keep their show at the highest level and still retain the number one spot in the bump and grind business Regardless of what happened behind the scenes.

But everything is not sunshine and rainbows, Chippendales happens to be super expensive and if you’re looking for a little bit more extra special physical attention this isn’t your bachelorette party destination. But if you happen to be in Las Vegas Nevada It’s worth the trip and the expense and remember it’s more of a show then an interactive experience if you know what I mean!

The thunder from down under

Yes, I know those cheerful Aussie Lads and there cutesy little accents can be a bit much but ladies, these outback hunks know how to put on a show. That’s right, we know Channing Tatum has that little show down the street magic Mike live but his show is closer to Cirque du Soleil than the stud of the day.

Real women are looking for a real man not to say that all of the professional dancers in the magic Mike show aren’t cute in a sexy jazz dancer kind of way, but when you’ve got a bunch of wild bachelorettes on a ladies night Adventure you’re looking for a beefcake, not a proper spin.

The Thunder from down under understood what the red-blooded American woman was looking for in a male revue, better than most American male strip shows! And they did it with an accent!

Dallas Labare

Ladies, it’s time to Giddy up and ride the cowboy! Are you ready to find out why they say that everything is big in Texas do you want to see why a little southern hospitality goes a Long way ! Then Labare Dallas male strip club is your Bachelorette party destination!

“Oh yeah that’s right”
I said MALE strip club designed by the girls and for the girls! With so many Gentlemen’s clubs in the state of Texas, the ladies of Dallas made damn sure they had one of their own. Some say Labare was the inspiration for Mr. Magic Mike himself while others swear Matthew McConaughey character was based on one of the most famous male dancers in the world Randy the Master Blaster.

“He’s Still dancing and going strong in his 60s Btw”
With all this rich history of twisted steel and sex appeal, Labare will make you come for the show but stay for the infamous Hot Seat, the pay to play up close and in your face ritual made famous at the house of hotness that is Labare!

The only negative thing I could say about Labare is that some of these male exotic dancers have actual groupies (They call them tippers) and they can be a little territorial with their favorite entertainer, but with over 20 or more male strippers on any given night in the building, you won’t have to look too far for a replacement.

With its rich history, lots of men to choose from and an experience to rival any gentlemen’s club this may be one of the cooler places you can go for the last fling before the ring, or to just go out and celebrate being a woman Texas style!

Although there is another club Labare in Houston that is pretty good in its own right. You owe it to yourself to check out the show that inspired the movie. soooooooo……., jump on it, just do it, ride it, my pony!

Bad Boys Live Chicago

That’s right Chicago got a reputation and rightfully so and what girl doesn’t want a bad boy! You may know Chicago to be the birthplace of the originator of the male dance phenomenon yes ladies you owe it all to Mz Danna Montana the inventor of the modern male stripper revue and creator of the sugar shack male dancers.

Her disco hunks were taking it all off in the late 70s. Into the late 90s and as the legendary story goes Mrs. Montana, a former Playboy bunny herself was tired of watching the objectification of women, so she decided to throw a few men up on stage to give all the ladies a taste of what the men were getting.

The irony was she would become the creator of a multi-million dollar entertainment concept that entertains women around the world today! The sugar shack dancers were eventually all over the airwaves, Phil Donahue Geraldo Rivera and Sally Jessy Raphael all brought Dana and her retro studs on the show to shake their thang and give the women’s movement a jolt of testosterone.

One of Dannas best Dancers from the mid-80s, Dino Vulpitta aka Dino Valentino, a former semi-pro hockey player and also lead dancer with the men of Chippendales Canadian tour and also a former Labare dancer decided that Chicago needed something for the ladies of today.

Chicago hasn’t had a real male strip show since the early 90s and it was in need of a fresh idea so he created Bad Boys live. These Midwest hunks bring the heat in a two-hour show that rivals its Vegas counterparts. This show combines the best of Chippendales, thunder from down under and Labare with the showmanship of the originators (the sugar shack) sexy, sassy, hot yet classy!

This show is B.A.D. Better after dark. Chicago Can be a tough crowd but the bad boys’ revue delivers one of the best male strips shows in the country. And although groups like Hunkomania may reside on the same search engine page there isn’t a show in Chicago that comes close to these Windy City sex machines! Bad boys live is choreographed, costumed, and totally interactive, you will get the best of every show in the business all rolled into one! Boy band meets bad boys live and in the flesh.

Chicago may be one of the coldest places to party but the bad boys bring the heat. The only drawback to this show is that it’s only on Saturdays. They say they’re adding a Friday and they perform at other suburban venues but the Saturday show is a must-see for a naughty girl retreat! Bad boys live a joyful celebration of the male body!


OK ladies on the East Coast we didn’t forget you and to be honest we had to do our research because there are so many websites that lead to the same show, it’s a clever marketing technique but a bit confusing to be honest but regardless, Savage men time square hunks and hunkomania, all the same company btw provide a great option if you’re on the east coast and you’re looking for some hot men.

In my opinion, the times’ square hunks is the go to show. It’s a perfect set up for a ladies night production and the show quality is pretty darn good. Overall, the show was good but i still felt like it was missing something and the dancers were more like independent contractors then a real cohesive group but who cares about choreography, these are some of the hottest men In America and they got that New York State of mind if you know what I mean!

Overall, I had a great time at this Mansion of muscles and masculinity and if you can’t get to Vegas Dallas or Chicago this should be must-see on your bachelorette thrill list.

Labare Miami

An honorable mention goes out to Labare Miami, I suggest googling them to find out where they are performing as they have changed locations multiple times.

I haven’t seen a show for about four years but when I did there was more hotness in one room then the Miami sun in August. This mostly Latin cast will salsa dance their way into your heart! The show Seemed a bit unorganized but the individual talent was exquisite and so when you’re in South Florida look these Latin lovers up if you’re looking for some heat!

So when your looking for the ultimate ladies night experience, and you need to press some flesh, do what any red blooded American woman would do and attend a male revue show!

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