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Best Bar Nightclubs and Entertainment in Chicago for bachelorette party

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Plan

We are all familiar with the phrase girls night out, but what about before the sun goes down? Sure Bad Boys Live is Better After Dark, but what do the divas do during the day before the male strip show? When you’re in Chicago there are certainly some excellent places to discover. Check out these fun places to play, pose, pamper, preform and pre-party!


Bachelorette parties are meant to be playful and fun, so what better way to play with your girls then at the Emporium in Wicker Park/ Logan Square/ Fulton Market! This is a twist on the classic arcade you might remember from your yester-years hanging at the mall with your girlfriends, only at this arcade you can enjoy an adult beverage while you play the games you remember from childhood. Before you head to the male revue you can bring out your youthful side and maybe even get the high score. Who says video games are just for the boys?!


Every girl loves to be pampered especially before the big day. You and your girls will want to be pampered before the bachelorette party as well. What better way to treat the bride to be and her girls then to have a spa day. Get your nails did at Re’Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique in river north. They are reasonably priced and offer manicure and pedicures as well eyelash service and waxing…plus you can enjoy a glass of champagne or wine while you are relaxing and getting all dolled up!

After a night of dancing and drinking you and your girls may want to pamper yourselves again the next morning…or afternoon as you will likely be sleeping in. The Aire Ancient Baths in river west is a magical and ambient place that offers different experiences including massages and thermal baths at different temperatures. After a fun night out with the male exotic dancers, this is truly a exotic experience that you and your ladies deserve!


Yes, the male strippers will be performing for you, sure, but what about your inner diva? Before you head to the Bad Boys Live show wouldn’t it be fun to perform for each other and learn some cool dance moves? You can even bust a move later in the evening with the funky cool dances you’ll lean at the Dance Studio. You and your ladies can take a public class or sign up for a private session for your group. You can even learn some sexy chair dances. Hey the bridal party may even decide to perform the dance at the wedding! This is a great way to get loose and ready for a night of dancing and having fun with your girls!


Let’s be honest, the whole day is going to be a party, but before you head to the best male revue in Chicago Bad Boys Live, you and your lady pack are going to want to pre-game a bit. Brando’s Speakeasy is a great place to go and have a quick bite to eat, a delicious cocktail and sing a song! This is the coolest karaoke bar in Chicago hands down. The 1930’s style is sexy and fun. The stage is waiting for you and your girls to take! If karaoke isn’t your thing, this bar has another bar hidden on the other side. when you enter the Essaness room you feel as though you’ve entered a whole new bar. There you can enjoy some craft cocktails and conversation. If you are looking for a more private experience the upstairs room can be booked for parties as well.

Make your Bachelorette party one of the most memorable experiences by not only going to see the Bad Boys Live, but by including some of these other fun and diverse activities to your agenda! The bride only gets one last fling before the ring, so make it a superb day and night for her and the gals!

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